Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to apply for Vijyoshi Camp 2016?

The online link is active, you can apply for your participation in the National Science (Vijyoshi) Camp 2016. You should respond by 10th November, 2016 by completing the step described therein.


You will be required to upload your travel tickets to Kolkata, hence please reserve your tickets before starting the online registration. Also keep scanned copy of your school ID card and your signature in pdf form.

Arrival and Departure?

Please plan your travel accordingly so as to reach the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Kolkata, Mohanpur Campus, Mohanpur – 741 246, by the afternoon of 4 December 2016 and leave by 7 December 2016 (late evening) or forenoon of 8 December 2016. You must inform your exact arrival and departure schedules so as to make arrangements for pick-up/drop-off accordingly. If there is any change in the travel schedule, please inform us well in advance.

Pick up/Drop off facility?

More detailed information with regard to the camp and other relevant details will be sent to you later, so please respond to the email queries from us promptly or visit the website frequently as the case may be. Pick up/Drop off : only from the Railway station from 8.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m. on 4 December 2016 and 8 December 2016.

Travel Reimbursements?

As mentioned in the invitation letter, KVPY will reimburse 3rd AC Train/Bus fare for the journey to and from Kolkata by shortest route. Some of you may prefer to travel by other modes in which case we will follow the guidelines given below for the reimbursement.

  • If you take a flight to Kolkata, then we will reimburse 3rd AC Train fare by the shortest route from your home/institute to Kolkata and back.
  • If you travel by train in 1st/2nd AC in any train, then we will reimburse 3rd AC Train fare by the shortest route from your home/institute to Kolkata and back.
  • If you take a bus to Kolkata, then we will reimburse the bus fare
  • Please note that the above guidelines are only meant for the student participants and NOT for the accompanying parents/guardians. If you plan to travel with an accompanying parent/guardian, then you may come directly from the railway station or the airport on your own. However, the fare of the parent/guardian/accompanying person will not be reimbursed.
  • Accommodation?

    All the registered participants will have to stay in the accommodation arranged for them during the entire camp period. They will not be allowed either to leave the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Kolkata, Mohanpur Campus, during the camp period or stay with their parents/guardians/accompanying persons. This is also applicable to students from Kolkata. Please note that you must attend the camp for the entire duration i.e., from 5th - 7th December, 2016.
    IISER Kolkata will make boarding and lodging arrangements for you during 4th - afternoon to 8th forenoon of December, 2016 in institute's Mohanpur campus.

    What essential things should be carried?

    While your rooms will have a mattress, pillows, bed sheets and a blanket, you should get additional bed sheets for your personal use along with personal toiletry items such as tooth-brush, tooth-paste, soap, shampoo, oil and towels. In general, almirah space will be scarce. The water-buckets and hot water will be provided in the bathrooms. You may bring additional clothing depending on your constitution/requirement. An umbrella, torch and a lock for your bag, Mosquito repellent of your choice (we have provision to set mosquito net if you bring) are useful items to carry. Please do not carry any valuables with you.
    It is important that you carry basic medicines for common ailments such as cold, fever, indigestion and vomiting. Please carry any other regular medication that you may be prescribed with.
    With good wishes and looking forward to meet you at the IISER Kolkata, in the afternoon of 4th December 2016 at the registration desk.