List of Speakers

Prof. H.C. Mult. Rudi Van Eldik
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Coordination and Bioinorganic Physicochemistry Group
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

Prof. Laurie J. Butler
Department of Chemistry
The University of Chicago

Prof. Anant K. Menon
Department of Biochemistry
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA

Dr. Raghu Kalluri
Professor & Chairman
Olla S. Stribling Distinguished Chair for Cancer Research Houston, Texas, USA

Prof. Jainendra K. Jain
Department of Physics
The Pennsylvania State University,Pennsylvania, USA

Prof. Michelle Y. Simmons
Scientia Professor of Physics
Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

Prof. Dipankar Chatterji
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore, India

Prof. Indranil Manna
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,Kanpur, India

Prof. Partha P. Majumder
National Institute of Biomedical Genomics Kalyani, India

Prof. Amit Basak
Department of Chemistry,
IIT Kharagpur,
Kharagpur, India

Prof. Bimal K Roy
Applied Statistics Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Prof. Amol Dighe
Department of Theoretical Physics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
Mumbai, India

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